Test Evaluation

(criteria listed from most to least important)

E: Excellent; VG: Very Good; G: Good; W: Weak; I: Incomplete; NA: Not Applicable

XX XX XX XX XX XX Analysis: 
Comprehension of material/concept discussed.
Application of relevant analysis.
Logic, clarity, and consistency of analysis.
Linking together of theory and application.
Accuracy and skill at applying concepts/techniques; thoroughness of application
Comprehension of assumptions necessary to render concept/technique/method applicable to problem.
XX XX XX XX XX XX Development of Issue(s): 
Setting out of main points and central issues.
Provision of background context and/or history.
Integration of course material into development and presentation of argument.
Application of “hourglass” shape of development (general-specific-general).
XX XX XX XX XX XX Issue(s) Statement: 
Expression of issue(s).
Explanation of issue’s importance.
Identification and explanation of policy implications.
Thesis statement focus.
XX XX XX XX XX XX Paragraphs and Paragraph Unity: 
Use of topic sentences and links to the issue or to stages of argument.
XX XX XX XX XX XX Introduction: 
Recognition and engagement of the reader as audience.
Clarity in implied ordering of material to follow.
Focus of introduction and implied focus of the paper.
XX XX XX XX XX XX Conclusion:
Sense of completion.
Review and synthesis of arguments.
Grammar and Usage: Clarity and correctness; patterns of errors
Mechanics: spelling; punctuation
XX XX XX XX XX XX Overall Ratings:
            Overall coherence of answer
            Overall demonstration of knowledge
            Overall demonstration of skill and analysis
            OVERALL GRADE

You are expected to offer analysis and criticism. Suggest alternative explanations. Indicate the limitations  and inconsistencies in other people's work.

References in the text include  the author's surname, the year of publication, and the page  number:(s) eg according to Visano (1978: 101) Bibliographic  references should include the author's surname, given names, date of publication, title, place, and publisher. Full web based citations http//; date; author; source; and  title.