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Lecture 6: February 7th, 2019



Survey Research is defined as the process of conducting research using surveys that are sent to survey respondents.

The term ‘survey’ refers to the selection of a relatively large sample of people from a pre-determined population

Surveys  are commonly used  to enable researchers to collect data on a mass scale, and to use that data to conduct statistical analyses that reveal conclusive results about how the variety of variables measured interact.


Types of surveys

Surveys classified according to focus and scope

Survey Method

Survey method pursues two main purposes:

  • Describing certain aspects or characteristics of population and/or
  • Testing hypotheses about nature of relationships within a population.

History and Uses of Survey Research

From market research and election polling, survey research made its way into several academic fields where it continues to be   the primary approaches to collecting new data.

exploratorydescriptive and causal

Advantages and disadvantages of survey research 


Reasons to Conduct Survey Research

Research question:  a single clear and explicit   

 Minimum investment

Versatile sources for response collection 

Reliable for respondents

The Introduction Essentials

1) A thank you statement

2) The topic of the study

3) The expected time to complete the survey

4) A confidentiality statement

Administering a Survey

Main survey research methods, divided based on the medium of conducting survey research


Online/ Email-Online  

Written surveys

Mail surveys

  • Advantages and disadvantages of Postal Self-completion

Oral Surveys

  • Advantages / Disadvantages

Phone Surveys

Cellphone surveys

  • Advantages / Disadvantages  face interview.

Mixed-mode surveys


  1. Longitudinal Survey
  • trend
  • panel
  • cohort surveys

Advantages /  Disadvantages  

  1. Cross-sectional survey research Advantages / Disadvantages

Survey Research Examples



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