Lecture 4, September 26th, 2019



  • Lecture 4, September 26, 2019: Ethical Principles

A Matter of Ethics in Research

An ethical researcher

Ethical issues and dilemmas

Challenge of access to data

Key ethical elements of the research process

Required Readings: Alan Bryman and Edward Bell (2019):  Chapter 3


Further Resources (optional):

From: Trochim, William M. The Research Methods Knowledge Base, 2nd Edition. Internet WWW page, at URL: http://www.socialresearchmethods.net/kb/

(version current as of October 20, 2006).


Philosophy of Research  http://www.socialresearchmethods.net/kb/philosophy.php

Structure of Research http://www.socialresearchmethods.net/kb/strucres.php


Deduction & Induction http://www.socialresearchmethods.net/kb/dedind.php


Positivism & Post-Positivism http://www.socialresearchmethods.net/kb/positvsm.php


Ethics in Research http://www.socialresearchmethods.net/kb/ethics.php